50th Anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin Film

Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin Film in Willow Creek, CA on April 29th, 2017


A personal recreation of the Patterson Gimlin Film in Willow Creek, CA.

   Those with an interest in cryptozoology attribute Willow Creek, CA as the Mecca of Bigfoot due to it being the location of the Patterson-Gimlin Film. The Patterson-Gimlin Film shot in 1967 is the contemporary leading evidence of Bigfoot, in which Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin captured a fifty-six second video of a supposed female Bigfoot. Willow Creek’s rise to fame sparked due to the compelling nature of the film, and fifty years later collaborates with Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” to celebrate the phenomenon of Bigfoot.

  The Patterson-Gimlin Film is highly regarded in the Bigfoot community due to the clarity and length of the footage. The fifty-six second film captures a female Bigfoot “Patty” walking across a field of burnt trees and other vegetation while slowly peering over her right shoulder and into the lens of the camera before being lost behind the Northern California trees.

  Skeptics disregard the credibility of this film due to the plethora of individuals who claim to have worn the suit, the fact that the camera was a rental, and the sheer disbelief of this bipedal primate we call Bigfoot. Believers and cryptozoologist alike disregard skeptics due to detailed examination of the film through magnification and clarification that prove that there is clearly defined muscle movement and no visible stitching.

  The popularity of Bigfoot in remote terrain stems from the proper environment for Bigfoots to sustain themselves while being secluded, but this secludedness also affects its human inhabitants. Leading select Bigfoot researchers to believe that this isolationism leads to creation of myths such as Bigfoot to feeds individuals’ need for excitement and acknowledgement that they are not alone.

  Though scientist, skeptics, and Bigfoot believers alike are unable to prove their stance on Bigfoot, this myth of Bigfoot draws individuals with contrasting beliefs alike in child-like wonder pondering the existence of an ape man. In which modern American culture thrives of the horror of unknown creatures.

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