NBA Playoffs First Round Predictions

Predictions and breakdown of the first round of the 2017 NBA playoffs

Western Conference

Warriors vs. Trailblazers
This series will likely have no surprises as the Warriors dominate the Trailblazers in every facet of the game. The Warriors are favored to win the 2017 NBA championship, they should have no problem taking down the 8th seeded Trailblazers.

Clippers vs. Jazz
This series will likely be very competitive as two very good teams go head to head. These two teams had exactly the same record at 51-31 showing there is no clear favorite in this series. Off star power alone I predict the Clippers will top the Jazz in the first round. While the Clippers should win, they have a history of choking in the postseason.

Rockets vs. Thunder
The Rockets are a far better team than the Thunder and should easily take this series. Notice I said “should.” The Thunder have a weapon unlike any other weapon in the league, Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is a different kind of beast setting the all time triple double record at 42. Westbrook willed the Thunder to the playoffs even though they had no business making it. This series could get interesting if Westbrook takes over.

Spurs vs. Grizzlies
Although the Grizzlies are a good team, it would be a longshot for them to defeat the well oiled machine that the Spurs are. The Spurs are a team who are making the playoff just about every year, this success falls on the shoulders of coach Gregg Popovich. Coach Popovich is a veteran coach who always has his players playing the right way.

Eastern Conference

Celtics vs. Bulls
The Celtics had a very strong season earning the best record in the east and the number one seed. At the beginning of the season if you had this team earning a better record than the Cavaliers people would think you were insane. These Celtics will likely have a deep playoff run and shouldn’t have a problem taking down the Bulls in this series.

Wizards vs. Hawks
This series will likely be a great matchup and end closely. The Wizards had a strong season led by John Wall and Bradley Beal. With the star power of the Wizards and the based on regular season play, I expect this team to pull ahead and take down the Hawks.

Raptors vs. Bucks
The Bucks have the best player in this series, Giannis Antetokounmpo also know as “The Greek Freak.” Giannis fits freak to definition being a 7 foot tall player who can handle the ball and play point guard. There aren’t many game changers quite like Giannis. That being said, the Raptors are a better team with stars Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan. The Greek Freak simply doesn’t have enough talent around him to take this series.

Cavaliers vs. Pacers
The Cavs had a rough end to their season leaving many experts worried about how the Cavs will perform during the playoffs. Despite their late season struggles, most people don’t count the Cavs out and even see them favorites to win the championship. Why is this? Because of a man named Lebron James. No matter the situation you should never count out Lebron. Especially not a situation where he has Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love as his back up. When these Cavs finally get it going they will be scary and have the potential to repeat as NBA champions.

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