Of Easter and Marketing

The commercialization of Easter


Photo via Pixabay under Creative Commons License

Chicks, bunnies, and eggs

How are resurrection, a bunny, and chocolate related? Easter, of course. The holiday that was created to celebrate the “resurrection” of Jesus in the A.D, morphed into a simple day for families who were religious (or not) to gather and have fun together. Parents would hide colored hard boiled or plastic eggs filled with candy or money, and the kids hunt for them. Religious families would go to Sunday church and come back and share a meal.

Today, Easter has joined the commercialization club along with Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Now, as soon as Valentine’s Day candy and cardboard hearts are gone, chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps, and cardboard Easter Bunnies take their place in stores everywhere.

As kids, we likely all experienced being put into our nice clothes, running during Easter egg hunts, and getting baskets filled with bubbles and sweets. But what about all the little things that go into Easter that parents are roped into every year? There are extravagant baskets, shiny stuffing, bows, candy, and little presents. Now, advertisements are telling them that’s not enough; they need to buy tech gifts and bikes. It all adds up to be pretty pricey, and yet, none of it actually matters.

Sure, the little things like coloring eggs and eating large quantities of candy before brunch or dinner was okay, but that’s because it was simple. You still colored eggs with your family and laughed as you searched for hidden treasures in the yard. Now? We have stepped away from spending time with our families to expecting gifts that we don’t need with money that we don’t need to spend.

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