Mulan in Live Action

The newest Disney live action may not follow the original story line as closely as others have


photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons License

  In the past few years, Disney has been producing an increased amount of live-action remakes to classic films. Most recently was the new release of “Beauty and the Beast,” which received high praises. However, there is also another in the process of creation, a live-action “Mulan,” which has been received far less positively in many circles.

  A major difference between the live-action and the cartoon “Mulan” is that Mulan’s love interest is going to be replaced. Many hold the belief that Li Shang is Disney’s first bisexual character, considering his interest in Mulan prior to the revelation that she is a female. This will all change with the complete omission of Shang, in favor of a new character, Chen Honghui, who will serve as Mulan’s rival in the film instead.

  Another change with the life-action is the complete lack of songs. Disney president Sean Bailey even released a statement saying that “Mulan” won’t have music because it was not meant to be a musical. Come on, Disney, how else can Mulan get motivated to defeat the Huns if she can’t get down to business? This choice has remained fairly consistent with director Niki Caro as well, although she has said in interviews there is still a small possibility of music, which would be songs from the original Disney film.

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