The Last Wish

With an unusual format “The Last Wish” stands out. It is a collection of riveting short stories about a monster hunter named Geralt. They are not chronologically ordered, but it does not hurt the storytelling; I was compelled to read until my eyes hurt with every passage.

  The protagonist, Witcher Geralt, is one of my favorite lead characters in any book, he is complex and interesting. He has undergone mutations to help him fight monsters, but finds that despite his abilities he’s jealous of normal folk. He struggles with the fact that he is different from others. A Witcher is infertile, has cat-pupil eyes, and pale skin. They are easily identified so he can’t hide the fact that he is a mutant.

  Geralt’s love interest, Yennifer, is a deeply intriguing character as well. She is both parts beautiful and dangerous. Gifted with luxurious black curls and a striking complexion, she easily has Geralt fall for her. She is a wildcard character whose actions are hard to predict but are human and believable.

  The story line of “The Last Wish” is not set, as it is a collection of short stories. The biggest and most important story is one that revolves around an injury done to a bard named Dandelion. He finds a genie lamp and tries to wish for gold, but it turns out it’s not that kind of genie. Geralt must find a way to cure Dandelion, and the only one who would know how is a gifted sorceress. He is dragged into something much bigger in the process.

   I highly recommend “The Last Wish” to anybody who is a fan of the fantasy genre.

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