Dalton Saunders Named Citizen of the Year by Orange Elks Lodge #1475

El Modena Junior Dalton Saunders was recognized as Citizen of the Year by Orange Elks Lodge #1475 on March 30th, 2017


Dalton Saunders (right) stands with a member of the Orange Elks Lodge #1475 (left) (Photo via @elmodenafb on Twitter).

   Junior Dalton Saunders may be known on campus for his signature camouflage attire, but his community service does not blend into the norm.

  Saunders volunteers throughout the city of Orange working on projects that serve impoverished and fellow members of the Orange Elks Lodge. He became affiliated with Orange Elks Lodge through his grandfather and father, who are both members. This family affair has led Dalton to continuously, “help prepare and sell fish at the street fair, pack Christmas boxes for the less fortunate families of Orange, regularly cook and serve during the large Friday night dinners, and help with the upkeep of the ninety-two year old building.”

  Saunders credits his discipline and desire to help others to his family, but he also credits his “family” on and off the football field. He states that, “Football has made me the person I am today by giving me opportunities to interact with people throughout the community I would regularly not. The demands for respect are also much higher in football. Therefore, I pride myself on that everyday. It is also important to remember that I no longer represent just myself,  I represent El Modena and the football team as a whole.”

  As a member of the El Modena football team since freshman year, and partaking in various AP and honors courses, Dalton was the obvious choice to receive the Orange Elks Lodge award, yet his humble disposition led this recognition to come as a surprise to him. Dalton shares, “I was very surprised upon receiving this award because I never do the things I do for recognition. I do them because I enjoy helping others and bettering myself. I will always remain humble, and not let my accomplishments get to my head.”

  Frontline and the rest of the El Modena community would like to congratulate Dalton Saunders on behalf of his recognition as Citizen of the Year by Orange Elks Lodge #1475.

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