Nintendo Switch Review

Can Nintendo innovate gaming once again?

  On March 3rd Nintendo released their new console, dubbed ”The Nintendo Switch”. If you’ve followed Nintendo closely, you know that they strive for quality and innovation in their products.

  With the Wii in 2006 they pioneered motion controls, and in 2011 the Wii U, featuring the ability to play on a tablet and on a TV. Now, with the Switch they seek to recreate the magic of their past consoles. The switch features a tablet that is reminiscent of the Wii U, but it has much more gaming power than the Wii U. On the sides of the tablet are the new “Joy Con” controllers, which are similar to the original Wii Remotes, but stronger. The system is almost a hybrid between the last two systems but with all the best qualities.

  The coolest part of the system is the docking system. The Nintendo Switch is packaged with a black dock, which brings to mind a toaster, and when the tablet is placed in this, it projects what is happening on the tablet onto the TV and players can continue play on the big screen. The controllers on either side of the Switch can detach from the tablet and become their own controllers, allowing two player games to be possible right off the bat.

  While the Switch has massive potential, it has a very weak opening game line up. The only title that is essential is the brand new “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild”, which is one of the best games I’ve ever played, and currently has the place of 4th best game of all time on Metacritic. Other titles include the party game “1 2 Switch” which is a blast to play with friends, but lacks enough game modes to cost $50, “Super Bomberman R” which I haven’t been able to pick up, and “SnipperClips” which is a multiplayer game that uses two player gameplay.

  The tablet is the core of the Nintendo Switch, containing all the hardware to make the system run. Because of this, the Switch actually has the ability to be a portable console. You can take the tablet with you wherever you go and enjoy your games wherever and whenever you’d like. It’s incredible, and works very well.

  The only gripes I have with the system are that the tablet has a stand on it which feels all too flimsy, it seems like it could snap at any time, and sometimes, because of its tablet nature, games get occasional lag because of the Switch’s processing power.

  I absolutely love the Nintendo Switch, and I’m hoping the game library will expand and yield many more Nintendo classics. Hopefully this wish will be fulfilled by the upcoming “Splatoon 2”, “Super Mario Odyssey”, and others…

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