Why Join Journalism?

Journalism is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year until Friday 3/24


Issue One of “Frontline” during the 2016-2017 school year. (Photo via @elmojournalism on Instagram)

Journalism is a daily class responsible for composing El Modena’s monthly newspaper and student news website Frontline. This team of sophomores, juniors, and seniors thrives off of the community and creativity of El Mo to bring update to date and insightful news to the students’ and faculty’s attention.

The appeal to join Journalism typical begins with a love of writing, in which each individual in the class despite their assigned role is asked to write for the newspaper and online articles. The class is composed of staff writers, photographers, and editors; in which an editor designs their assigned page but works collaboratively with a team of various staff writer and photographers to make the page come to life.

The process to compose a newspaper begins with a brainstorming session for each of the approximate 12-16 pages per month. Then editors lay out a dummy page or sketch of their page to create the perfect layout and decipher the different articles’ word counts. Staff writers, photographers, and editors then choose the articles they will write. The articles are then corrected for grammatical errors and overall flaws in content by our advisor, Editor in Chief, and Copy Editor. The dummy pages come to life on the computer, and after a thorough check for errors and corrections made are sent to Garden Valley News to be printed. Dispersion of the newspapers occur one morning before first period.

Apprehension to join Journalism may come from confusion regarding the 4×4 scheduling, though to clarify the class will be held year round and most likely on AB scheduling. In which journalist will attend class either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday. Similar to if you are taking AP courses.

As a first year journalism student during the 2016-2017 school year, I could not express the enjoyment Journalism has brought me from combining a group of hardworking creative individuals with differing interest in politics, literature, movies, and overall pop culture to express their interest as a voice for the students and faculty of El Modena.

Applications are available in 504.

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