Is Technology Destroying Society?

There are many good and bad aspects to the growing technology but most of them are bad

The kids of the future

The kids of the future

If one really thinks about it, the last 90’s kids are pretty much the last people to know life without a cellphone or iPad at the dinner table. They’re the last one to know what it’s like to play outside until the sun goes down. I remember playing on the playground everyday, also how much I hated fall because the sun went down earlier which meant getting inside earlier.

These last 90’s kids know life without technology but just barely. Can you imagine your parents or your grandparents, and their sociological imagination? It’s completely different from ours. And the kids growing up now, we’re completely different from them.Two to three year old children know how to handle an iPad sometimes more than an adult. These kids are going to develop a lot differently. Whereas we used to spend a lot of time outside, most kids are inside, isolated, playing video games. They’re learning different concepts in school, they’re learning how to work an iPad instead.

Most of them don’t know how to communicate. There are many teenagers who are with friends, yet are still on their phones most of the time. A lot of them are more prone to anxiety and depression. According to “Approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood.

  • Between 10 to 15 percent of teenagers have some symptoms of depression at any one time.
  • Depression increases a teen’s risk for attempting suicide by 12 times.
  • 30 percent of teens with depression also develop a substance abuse problem.
  • Depressed teens usually have a smaller social circle and take advantage of fewer career and educational opportunities.
  • Depressed teens are more likely to have trouble at school and in jobs, and to struggle with relationships.”

There are many greats aspects to the use of technology, we can communicate quicker, and across the world, we are able to learn a lot more, and also use it for educational purposes.

But how many of these kids use it for more than these, how many have become addicted? There is always that one kid in class who can not get off his phone. We stay on our phones so long we don’t even notice the time going by. The first thing we look at in the morning, is our phone probably before we say good morning to our families or even eat breakfast. That’s a problem.

Technology can be good but I think a lot of people will agree it’s taking over our lives. It has the ability to distort our realities by creating fake profiles, alternative universes, and an imaginary world kids might believe is their reality.

I think it’s important to not hand children ipads at such a young age just to stop them from crying. That is so bad, they will get used to that. The most important part of child development is human interaction, that’s how they learn everything, from other humans. Yes, technology is amazing and we are at the peak of technology, but I truly believe it’s going to take over our lives. We’re all procrastinators, leaving everything last minute. Also, multi-tasking isn’t a real thing, it’s not even a good thing, one person should probably not be doing more than one thing literally at the same time, lest quality suffer. Rapid task switching, which may look like multitasking, is common and required for many types of activity. We all believe we can multi-task but we can not.
We should take a step back from technology for a second, learn to socialize with others, take trips with friends, communicate with one another without being glued to a screen.

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