Watch “Stranger Things”

Netflix Original "Stranger Things" recieves major buzz

If you like mystery, suspense, and a touch of horror, then you must watch Netflix original, Stranger Things created by Matt Duffer, and Ross Duffer.

The suspense of Stranger Things sucks you in, once you start the series you won’t be able to stop. If desired, you can knock this show out in a day or two due to it only having eight episodes making it extremely easy to binge watch.

Considering how addicting the show is, you’ll be thankful for the small amount of episodes. This is a show that you would be happy lose sleep and procrastinate over.

Stranger Things has received very high praise from both viewers as well as critics. Many go as far as even calling this show the best on Netflix yet. “Stranger Things” fans recently got a teaser to season two and the buzz has already spread. Viewers are desperately waiting for the release of season two, releasing in October.

If you have not checked the show out yet join the wave. I recommend you drop whatever you are doing and pick up the popcorn, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible show.

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