4×4 Schedule: What is it?

An overview of the new four-by-four schedule being implemented in the upcoming school year.


The traditional schedule versus the new 4×4 schedule

   Recently, a majority of teachers approved the implementation of the new four-by-four (4×4) schedule. Many new and returning students as well as parents do not fully understand the ramifications of this change.  

   Each school day will now consist of four ninety-minute periods rather than six fifty-plus minute periods. Each class per semester will account for ten credits rather than five, so students will earn forty credits per semester rather than thirty.

   A student’s classes will switch at the end of the semester, except for classes that are a year-round commitment such as EMTV, Yearbook, Journalism, etc.  Each teacher will teach three periods per day and have one prep period.

One of the primary reasons this change was implemented was due to research that emphasized a student’s need for a flexible schedule. The four-by-four schedule will feel as though it is a lot more flexible than the current schedule.

It is expected that students will feel an increased readiness for college and their careers, and the school-board anticipates that this change will increase grades, attendance, and behavior. This change will also allow better course access for students and allow students to expose themselves to more educational opportunities.

The four-by-four schedule may seem awkward or bad at first for returning students, because it is different. However, the long-term effects this change will have on the students and general identity of El Modena will be apparent.

This change as well as the many upcoming construction projects that will take place in the coming years will transform El Modena into a new and better place for new and returning students alike.

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