AP Testing: College Credit or Collateral Chaos

Passing an AP test receives college credit; failing leaves a debt of $93 and a missed opportunity


Statistics regarding the amount of students who participated in 2013 AP testing (Photo via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License).

Expo marker notes cover the whiteboard like a hailstorm of knowledge. Next to a Mount Everest sized stack of scribbled papers. A gush of wind hits as review books rapidly turn, and zombie like expressions of  distress can be heard through the school halls. This horror scene becomes  reality during the first through twelfth of May when Collegeboard assigns AP testing.

Students enrolled in honors classes typically transition to AP classes during their freshmen and sophomore year, beginning with either AP Human Geography or AP World History.

Through the approximate eight month period from the end of August to the beginning of May, students learn college level material, while developing skills for tests based on critical thinking.

Students considering whether to join an AP class should talk to students previously in the class, research the course on Collegeboard.com, or visit AP teachers, such as Mr. Lowell Benner. This village native is an outspoken political force with great music knowledge that uses outlandish but effective techniques to ensure success in his class and the AP test.

The test cost, at $93 per test, may deter some from taking AP classes though the price is cheaper than the cost of a similar course at a university, and a $5 test fee is available for students whose family income proves $40,000 or less annually.

Once May arrives, testing begins with AP Chemistry and ends with AP Latin. Students enter the frosty library at either 8:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.to partake in a four-hour test that includes multiple choice and various combinations of either short answer questions, long essay questions, and/or a plethora of essays.

The length of the test can be strenuous, but the adrenaline and whirlwind of knowledge creates for a positive testing experience. The last day for the 2016-2017 school year to purchase the test is March 7th at 3:00 p.m. in the ASB room.


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