A Sociopath Next Door

Mac reviews his current read: “The Sociopath Next Door.”

A Sociopath Next Door

As many of his students may know by now, Mr. Mac is reading a book titled “The Sociopath Next Door,” by Martha Stout PhD.

“It is a Nonfiction book, as any book I read is, and I originally started reading it so I could teach the disorders chapters in psychology.”  Mac continues by explaining his lack of understanding anything about these types of people and this year but has decided to assign it as an extra credit assignment. “I think a good number of students would be interested, if not fascinated, by her rendition and description about of the type of people out there that a lot of us probably meet from time to time and are totally unaware of it.”

According to the author, 1 in every 25 people have this disorder, meaning 4 in every 100. If we took the fact, that including adults, there are 3,200 people, there is a large number of these people on campus right now. According to the author, these people are without any type of consiounce at all. They are unable to empathize with other human beings and so they become a danger to society. Mac emphasizes that “They are people you don’t want to interact with and don’t want to cross in any way. It would be difficult to have a day in your life where you would make contact with one of these people and you would know they have this psychological disorder.”

Mac describes his interest in the book as “There is a little scarieness to it sort of, but for me it’s more of an understanding of part of the human element.”

Mac revealed this is not his first time reading this book. “I think that 1 reading of any amount of material is not going to be fully digested. If a student is going to read a section or a unit over and over again, then a good teacher would do that same thing to make sure they’re giving their fair an even presentation of whatever the material may be including this.”

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