Academy Awards, and Social Justice

The 89th Academy Awards are sure to be another Leftist virtue signaling show.

Academy Awards, and Social Justice

The 89th Academy Award ceremony will take place on Sunday, February 26. The Oscars have always been a place of controversy, but mostly because of such things  that only pertain to cinema. Lately, this unspoken agreement between studio, Academy, actor, and viewer has been severed.

Last year we were treated to a large campaign of #OscarsSoWhite, in which the wife of actor Will Smith was angered at the Academy for leaving out a nomination for Smith for his role that year. This sparked a mammoth surge of social justice and race-baiting Leftists, pressuring the Academy to own up and deliver reparations for its evil and racist ways. This single instance seemed to mark the end of objective art, and replaced it with appeasing Oscar picks and politically correct jargon produced by a small group of offended minorities. The Academy was told, simply, to place diversity over merit. If the 10 best performances from one year are all white guys, something must be wrong. We must end this injustice and destroy the racist meritocracy of award shows, in order to fulfill the quotas of 21st century social operating.

As someone who deeply values the art of film, and the history and creativity of Hollywood, it is destructive to see the world of politics being forced into something as innocent as an awards ceremony meant to showcase the best of the year previous. This must be too much to ask for, in a time when merit is utterly meaningless and the value is always placed on diversity, despite the total lack of importance over this issue. Racial diversity means nothing. The only diversity that truly counts is that of ideological diversity, in which different people with different thoughts and opinions may speak and clash mentally, with intelligence and new ideas being thrown all around. All racial diversity means is that despite any sort of qualification, or merit, we must fill our quota to appease a minuscule group of insane social justice warriors.

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