A Life Changing Event

A personal narrative on my life changing event

A life changing moment can occur in many different ways at different times of life. In my experience, I always thought that a life changing event occurred when you lost a loved one or when your best friend moved to a different state. Those are the types of changes that one may have a challenge to handle, but, changes occur unexpectedly. Even when you think everything in life is going well, something good or bad can occur and impact not only your life, but the lives of friends and families as well. For obvious reasons, problems occur unexpectedly.

As a little kid, I always had good health and always took care of myself, but throughout the beginning of my seventh grade year I experienced uncontrollable headaches. One morning, I woke up believing that I was at the grocery store as I unknowingly yelled angrily at my mother. Realizing that something was wrong, my parents rushed me to the doctor, where a CT Scan was issued to figure out the problem that I was experiencing. As I struggled to stay awake, the doctor came in concerned by the news that he was going to deliver to my parents and I. At the moment when I received the news, I bursted into tears. I was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma, a rare type of benign brain tumor that is located near the brain’s pituitary gland, which frightened me. I didn’t know what to expect, except the worst.

That same day, I was rushed to Kaiser Permanente hospital in Hollywood. I spent three months in the hospital after undergoing three major brain surgeries and six weeks of radiation. The smell of fear circulated the room when family members visited. All I could see was their sobbing faces looking towards me and saying to me, “everything will be okay…be strong!” At that moment I realized, with the support I have and the love that filled the room, I knew that I could overcome this struggle in my life.

The day I was released from the hospital was the happiest day of my life but yet I felt sad. It felt as if I had been released from prison and I was finally able to do whatever I wanted, but that wasn’t it. I had already missed all the wonderful nurses, doctors, and child-life specialist who helped me throughout my journey. I had learned so much from different people. I learned that I could make a difference in the world and show people what I can do. After all the headaches, surgeries and radiation, I never stopped giving up hope that everything will be all right. I wanted to make a difference in the world so I started donating to the hospitals. I wanted to provide children craft boxes because that is what the child-life specialist provided me, to keep myself busy. Painting, drawing, and coloring helped me stay positive. I wasn’t able to be active and these kits helped me get through a rough time in my life and I wanted to provide that to other children at the hospitals. With seeing many audiologists and speech-language pathologist in the hospital, it inspired me to become one. I prolong to succeed in these fields. To inspire. To make a difference. To finally fulfill my dreams.