EMTV and the Orange County Film Festival


EMTV gets a nomination for Best PSA at OCFF 2017

  On January 7, EMTV attended OCFF, the Orange County Film Festival. El Modena received one nomination for Best PSA at the Orange County Film Festival. The PSA, titled “A Change of Mind”, is an anti-drug PSA directed, written, produced, edited and shot by Senior Donavyn Suffel. “A Change of Mind” featured Juniors Revelstoke Sanz, Keegan Lamb, Luis Arreguin, and Seniors Xavier Williams and Kimi Engelbrechts arm. The original concept was by Seniors Britney Lee, Jocelyne Blanco, Monique Azpeitia, and Donavyn Suffel. Additional crew that worked on the film were Seniors Lloyd Graham, Nareg Donabedian, Jeffrey Gremling, Xavier Williams, and Junior Kailey Bereczky.

  OCFF, Orange County Film Festival, was originally founded back in 2003. The festival recognizes the work of all the high schools that are affiliated with FilmED, some of which are Canyon, El Modena, University, and Woodridge. With over 700 people in attendance annually, OCFF has become a widely anticipated event in Southern California that has received recognition nationwide.

 In a sense it’s the equivalent to the Oscars but for high school students. At the festival they put on a whole thematic show with dancers and live music. It’s spectacular.

  Two thousand seventeen marked the 14th annual OCFF.This year alone there were over 600 submissions. Thats over 600 videos the judges have to watch and critique. Each video submitted has to be placed into a category. The categories for films are 24 (24 hour music video), broadcast, commercial, independent, music video, psa, short film, and spot feature. That’s just for the videos themselves.          

  There are also other categories such as actor, anchor, cinematographer, director, editing-documentary, editing- narrative, filmmaker of the year, founders award, show open, graphics, mentor of the year, producer, production design, score, story-documentary, and story-narrative. There are indeed a lot of categories but each category only contains, at the most, 10 nominees. On average though, a single category would have five nominees. Every nominee had to get their picture taken and were showcased at the event. The winner of each category would go up on stage, receive the award, and, of course, give a speech to the audience.


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