College Classes offered at El Mo in the Spring

Educational opportunities available at Santiago Canyon College


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American Sign Language and other courses offered at SCC

Santiago Canyon College is once again offering multiple beneficial courses at local high schools that are within the Orange Unified School District. This is an opportunity for students to get the feel of what college is like.

The Career Advanced Placement (CAP) Program is designed specifically for high school students who are aiming to attend college in the future. The Rancho Santiago Community College District curriculum is available to enhance programs for students in the grades of 9-12th.

  They are admitted as a part-time students at SCC to earn credit. A part-time enrollment is defined as 11.9 units or less during a full semester in high school.  Dual enrollment (DE) is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. It differs from Advanced Placement programs in that students take college courses rather than high school courses including a college-level standard.

  By taking a college class in high school, it can help one find their interest in a specific type of major. There is a student fee of $19.00 and students must pay for books and other materials needed for the course. These credits are transferable to UC/CSU, which can help a student complete college early. The dual enrollment can help students get an idea of what college requires.

  This year, SCC is offering classes at El Mo. These classes include American Sign Language I, Introduction to Biotechnology, Introduction to Biotech Lab, and Intro to Sociology. Classes begin February 15th, Mondays and Wednesday starting at 3:30.