Thanks Obama

Thanking an inspiration who has shaped my life for the past eight years

The best POTUS ever

After serving in office for the past 8 years, Obama says his final goodbyes. Although many people say he didn’t do anything and he was the worst. I disagree, I want to say Thank you to Obama.

Thanks to Obama, I have a job. Because of my immigration status, I wasn’t able to work before but during his time in office Obama created “DACA” (deferred action for childhood arrivals). DACA isn’t just granted to anyone. You have to be at least 16 years old when you apply and have been here for a long time. You also have to have a lot of evidence and have good grades. Of course you also have to have money because nothing is free. They charge you for the application, and if you receive DACA, you have to renew it every two years and pay $500. Yes it is a heavy cost but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I got my first job at a sandwich shop as soon as I received my DACA. With DACA, we’re kind of protected, so we can’t get deported which is a weight lifted off our shoulders. It’s tough sometimes because when you migrate as children, you don’t chose to, you don’t even realize it’s happening until you have to apply for DACA when you’re 16 and you realize you weren’t born in this country that feels like home.

This election has been tough and seeing Obama go hurts. There are people out there like me, who are afraid. It’s so sad, and I wish we didn’t have to be afraid and I’d be lying if I said I shed a few (a lot) of tears. I swear if I never told you I wasn’t an American citizen, anyone would’ve guessed I was because I’ve adapted to this country so well. I speak English better than people in my English class. I would be extremely sad to leave this country that I know as my home. I’m scared for my future and my families. I can’t even imagine fearing your parents not coming home tonight, but that’s exactly what I’m feeling and I’m constantly texting my mom I love her so much. I wish I didn’t have to fear but it’s the reality of people like me, “dreamers.” It’s the consequences we have to pay for doing something we didn’t chose to.

I want to be optimistic about the future but I can’t help but feel sad. I really hope and pray that Trump doesn’t take anyway the Dream Act. Without the dream act, I will be nothing. I hope and pray that my sister will get accepted into the program because this is our home and we don’t plan on going anywhere.


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