Die Hard on Christmas

The 80s action classic is also a Christmas staple.

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Die Hard on Christmas

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1988’s “Die Hard” is among the greatest action films of all time, along with being a little-known gem of a Christmas movie. The premise is simple: one man trapped in a building, with terrorists and hostages. What follows is two hours of blood-pumping adrenaline, and great performances from Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. Each deliver on roles that reaches beyond the realm of most 80’s action films. The two men psychologically duel throughout the film, and eventually meet in the finale.

Even so, “Die Hard” is more than just an action movie. It is also one of the greatest Christmas films of all time. The main character, John McClane, is visiting his wife in the Nakatomi Plaza during Christmas vacation. He is  attempting to bond with her after a brief separation. What say “Christmas” more than the themes of forgiveness and love? McClane seeks redemption and forgiveness from his wife, as well as being the target of terrorists and police.

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