From Calculus to Choreography

Ms. Lissner wins first overall at the fifth annual Dancing with the Teachers


First place winners at the fifth annual Dancing with the Teacher after their victory

For weeks the El Modena campus was covered in a plethora of everything from flyers to pins to advertise the fifth annual Dancing with the Teachers, with the suspenseful tagline of, “Who will win?” We can now proclaim that calculus teacher Ms. Lissner alongside Megan Formanowicz and Sophia Pracillo reigns supreme, as she placed first with a sassy hip hop number. The number included songs by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Fergie, and props such as a large fur coat, as referenced in the song “Thrift Shop,” and fake money.

Following on the fur coattails of Ms. Lissner were Ms. Clarkson in second, and Mr. Zamora in third. The competition gave out additional trophies for the Most Enthusiastic awarded to Mr. Finn, and Most Creative awarded to Ms. Quihuiz.

Other participants in the event included: Mr. Bowie, Mrs. Lam, Mrs. Merlihan, Mrs. Tate, Mr. Hicks, Mrs. Kim, Mr. Deshon, Ms. Turner (in place for Chef DeLeo and with students from the Special Education Department), Mr. Pongco, Mrs. Mull, Ms. Rector, and Mr. Warner.

The dances were mainly in the hip hop genre and based on the teachers personality or the subject they teach. As seen by Biology teacher Ms. Quihuiz dancing to the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” theme song and Mrs. Mull letting out her inner Britney Spears.

Announcer Mr. Karpow led a brief introduction to each dance while judges Mrs. Hemans, Ms. Solis, Ms. Schacht, and Mr. Mac kept a watchful eye on the performers as that sat below the stage, mimicking a panel from American Idol. With Ms. Schacht paralleling Paula Abdul and Mr. Mac interpreting Simon Cowell. Once each group performed they would be given their feedback and a score on a one to ten scale. The rubric was based on criteria such as energy, choreography, and costuming.

This event proves a student favorite as it takes teachers out of the safety of their classroom and into a state of vulnerability by dancing in front of their colleagues, students, and bosses. The Vanguard Dance Company and Vizion Crew encourage teachers to continuously participate as it builds a bond between the dance teams, the teachers, and the audience of students and faculty to create a sense of light-hearted fun in the work environment.

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