Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

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   Everything, Everything is an young adult contemporary by Nicola Yoon released last year as her first book. I hadn’t read a book in a long time but this one immediately caught my attention, I read it in two sittings.

  Everything, Everything makes you feel a little bit of everything: happiness, sadness and everything in between. The novel includes, the protagonist Madeline who has a disease called SCID, also known as “bubble’s disease.” She’s basically allergic to everything so she has spent her whole eighteen years of life inside of her house. She has never gone outside, to the mall, or real school; the only people she knows are her mother and her nurse, Carla.

  One day moving trucks appear next door and Madeline is very curious about the new family next door. Especially about the boy… of course, what’s a contemporary without a romantic interest? For the next few days Maddy begins watching the family, and she lets us know what their schedules are like. Eventually her and Olly begin IMing each other and I can’t say what happens next because I’d hate to spoil the book.

  Everything, Everything is a unique book that is really like no other, I promise! I know it sounds like every other John Green book (SPOILER)  where Hazel Grace is sick but Augustus Waters ends up dying… it’s nothing like that. Maddy was one of the protagonists that I haven’t hated, I actually really like her. She made me feel whatever she was feeling. She made me appreciate some things that we all take for granted, like going to school with real humans. She didn’t get that, she was literally inside of a bubble her entire life. She had never seen the ocean, she had never breathed fresh air; all the air inside of her house was fertilized.

  It’s a beautiful story where she thought she knew exactly who she was but turns out she actually has no idea… it’s a coming of age story and it’s so beautifully written. I have nothing bad to say about this book, I loved it and I loved all the characters. I really recommend this book to anyone.

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