Christmas for College-Prep

Practical gifts to ask for this season

A gift that serves more than one purpse.

A gift that serves more than one purpse.

For the Seniors,

This holiday season is your very last time as a high-school student. With this will come the goofing off, the “yolo-ing,” and the excessive demand for constant activity with friends to keep your mind off the realization that when school comes around finals will be underway, marking your last semester in high school. Presents and gifts may be bestowed upon you, depending on various practices this season, and if so, bare in mind a few things:

College is coming, and for those leaving, you may need a few extra things. If you are staying in the dorms, decorations, toilette trees, and organization can get expensive and things add up at the end of senior year. From senior week to prom, don’t break your wallet, but instead plan ahead.

Think of the things you may need like organizing buckets, storage, and supplies. Or decorations like a comforter, picture frames, and shadow boxes so you don’t get as homesick and have the ability to personalize dull dorms. If you can’t think of the basics you need, ask for gift cards to places with a universal selection of items like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or World Market.

If you do not know what to put on your list now, do not add unnecessary items you think you want, but plan for the future so you won’t be sorry or scrounging later on.

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