Happy Cyber Monday!

The story behind Cyber Monday


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Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday which marks yet again another big online shopping day of the end of the year.

Cyber Monday in the United States is the Monday that follows Thanksgiving in which it is promoted by online retailers as a day for sales. It was invented in in 2005 by a marketing team at Shop.org, which is a division of the National Retail Federation. This group’s employees noticed a huge difference in online sale following the Black Friday sales that start the holiday shopping season.

The history of Cyber Monday varies among people on how it got to be what people call it a “national holiday”. With parents not being able to leave their children unattended and go shopping, many when they returned back to their normal schedules the following Monday, found out that the computers were faster. As the trend of Cyber Monday continued, retailers did not hesitate to promote their products and jump on with the trend.

With the improved technology that has been produced today–faster Internet and smartphones–it is ten times more easier to shop. But the good part about online shopping is that one won’t have to push, scratch, or fight over an object that leads to police getting involved. Many arrest have been made throughout the shopping season and police are on call to prevent this from happening. Cyber Monday is a the perfect shopping solution or alternative for those who don’t have time to go out and shop. It is a day in which every single person will not forget because of the entertainment and frustration it may bring.

Hope everyone has an amazing Cyber Monday!

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