An Insight on Mr. Giles

An interview with the Mr. Giles

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An Insight on Mr. Giles

Mr. Giles

Mr. Giles

Mr. Giles

Mr. Giles

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Frontline: Where did you go to college?

Mr. Giles: I attended Cal State University, Monterey Bay and then attended Long Beach.

FL: What did you study?

MG: I studied Latin American studies.

FL: When did you start working for El Modena?

MG: I started working for El Modena in the year 2014.

Frontline: What is your job at El Mo?

MG: I am an English and Social Science teacher.

Frontline: What is your favorite part about working at El Modena High School?

MG: My favorite part about working at El Modena is the wonderful staff and students. I also enjoy the positive and inclusive culture that is expressed at this school.

Frontline: Who is your favorite writer? Why?

MG: My favorite writer and author is John Steinbeck because he keeps it real with his depicts on the reality of America.

Frontline: What is the best part of your day?

MG: The best part of my day is sitting in bed and reading a good book.

Frontline: If you were not working at El Modena, what would you be doing?

MG: If I was not working at El Modena, I would be a farmer in Chile working on my farm.



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