PJ On The Cuff


Courtesy of PJ Frazier

PJ's drum set in recording booth.

Many of you know already know of the band, The Cuff, with El Modena seniors, Hunter Watts (bass) and PJ Frazier (drums). But what you may not know is that they have recently been fortunate enough to start recording an album.

PJ and Hunter have known each other their whole lives, since their parents are friends. They met their third band mate and guitarist, John Michael (who does not go to El Mo) at a rock band camp.

The Cuff has a very bluesy, old-school rock sound that is inspired by Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few. When creating songs, they typically start with the guitar and bass parts, then the drums, and from there they build up a song. Their day-to-day inspiration comes from whatever they listened to recently. However this sound is constantly changing and is only a glimpse of what the song will sound like when finished. As for writing the lyrics, PJ admitted, “I suck at song lyrics. I try to help where I can, but I am horrible. It’s mostly Hunter writing the lyrics.”

When they decided they wanted to record their EP a year ago, they contacted a good friend who was also a record producer. He really liked their sound and brought up recording a full album.

The Cuff recently had their first studio session on October 22nd to start recording their album (which will be about 10 songs). On Friday night, they set up the drums, then came back and spent all of Saturday and Sunday recording. During that weekend, they started with the hardest songs and managed to record all ten drum tracks. They then went back and started the bass and guitar parts. PJ was surprised by all the things they could do to alter the tracks to make them sound better, but it gets pretty tedious repeatedly playing the same song with different alterations.

The band didn’t give a date for when the album could be finished as they have to work around three schedules, plus the studio’s, but for now, you can check out their EP, “Off”, on bandcamp.com.

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