Why Protest the Trump Victory?

It makes little sense to protest the results of an election.


Donald Trump’s presidential victory was one of the most historic and divisive election results in American political history. So, it is understandable for people to not be happy with the Trump victory, especially since the country was so evenly split. But that does not justify rioting and protesting over the results of a democratic election.

When Obama won in 2008 and 2012, there were no riots or protests against the results. People understood the process, and accepted Obama’s victory. Now, since many people are perhaps seeing an election in which the person they support did not win, some people are choosing to block highways and burn effigies in a feeble attempt to keep Trump out of the White House. This accomplishes nothing, and most understand that if it was conservatives taking part in these actions after a Hillary victory, the media would cover it very differently.

Of course, we all are aware of the amendment that says that if we whine and cry hard enough, the entire election will be disregarded and began again in order to compensate for our feelings. But for those of us in the real world, these people are protesting the inevitable. Get over it. Trump will be the next president, and will go in against the toughest opposition of any president in American history. Never has there been someone so hated in the eyes of so many, but with no real reason. People are apparently fearful of a Trump presidency. This makes absolutely no sense. Why be fearful? If conservatives were fearful after a Hillary election, the media and general population would laugh and tell them to grow up. They do the same thing, and we are expected to see it as a great display of important public protest.

These new voters, fresh out of school, are not used to not getting their way. These people have no other outlet than to stomp their foot and cry, simply because they did not get what they wanted. But everyone should understand, once and for all: Donald Trump is not even in the White House at this point. He has done nothing bad or good to this point of time. So, it makes little sense to immediately begin assuming the worst of something that could end up being a positive presidency.

As a conservative, my issues with Trump rest in his policies. He is not for free trade, and many other economically conservative ideas. But my issues with him have nothing to do with him being a “racist” or a “sexist”. Trump did not win the presidency because America is a deeply racist country. Trump won because the American people were tired of being belittled and labeled as racists on a daily basis. This is not the same country as it was 50 years ago, and anyone who believes it is, is absolutely wrong. There was a backlash from voters after Obama, but it was not one of prejudice. In fact, many of Trump’s voters had voted for Obama the previous 2 elections, and just felt screwed over it all. They wanted something other than the hurtful Leftist policies that had dominated throughout Obama’s reign.

The main losers of this whole election were the media. The American people have completely disregarded them, and shredded any shroud of credibility that they previously had. People realize the biases of the media, but this goes beyond that. People do not trust them anymore, after spending the past two years, millions of dollars, and every excuse in the book to get Hillary elected. And even after all that, she still lost to the man that channeled the anger in people. Donald Trump will be the next president. There is no doubt there. So, there is no sense in not wishing him and his team the best in these coming years, regardless of political stance.

Also, for those scared of Trump starting wars, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin contacted Trump after his win in an effort to revive American-Russian connections. Many world leaders are contacting the United States in order to tie new bonds. Also, following the stock crash after the election, they soured back up to record highs.

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