A New Day

El Mo’s reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election

In the final month leading up to it, many emphasized the importance of this election and how absolutely historic it would be; they weren’t kidding. The morning after the decision was announced and I went to bid my Dad a good morning, the first thing he said to me was, “Trump’s your new president.” I felt at that moment what many Americans felt, a sense of absolute and total shock.

Before I even got to school I knew what my classmates though, since early that morning I received a message that a protest would be held in the quad at lunch, in which participants would wear white and on them write their unfavorable opinions over the president-elect. One didn’t need to look much further than my school to find out the country’s reaction to the news.

A student in my fourth period voiced perfectly the sentiments of many Americans that morning. “First I was afraid for being Mexican, then I was afraid as a woman, and then I was afraid for being gay.” Walking through the hallway, much of the conversation heard was about the election, the name “Trump” spat around and buzzing in the air like a wasp. The sentiments at school were heavily anti-Trump.

The most curious thing, however, is that nobody actually expressed satisfaction over the outcome. This confused me since even the people I knew to be vigorous Trump supporters fell silent in the wake of the results. Sadly, I believe that they were intimidated by the overwhelming force of outrage from their fellow classmates.

Whatever your opinion on the presidential results, the decision has been made. The American people have decided who they want. For those who can’t understand why this happened, a great deal of it has to do with the people finally getting sick and tired of politicians saying they will do this and that if they get elected, but once they were in power they waved them off and didn’t keep a single promise. Now here comes Trump, someone who isn’t a politicians and who seems like he could actually get things done. And so America decided, why not? let’s give this guy a chance. And a chance we will. The people have decided who they want their president to be, and there’s nothing to be done about it now but support him so that he can support us. For better or for worse, no matter what the future holds, the sun will come up in the morning.

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