From College to Chemistry Class

Jarit Unrau’s transition from a Chapman University student to an El Mo chemistry teacher

An assorment of laboratory expiment, as commonly found in a chemistry class, used to perform experiments (Photo via under the Creative Commons License)

Jarit Unrau, or Mr. J to his students, recently graduated from Chapman University with a degree in biology and proceeded to join the El Mo staff as an AP/college prep chemistry teacher.

Unrau attended Northwood High School in Irvine, CA and selected Chapman University as his college of choice, due to the substantial scholarship of $60k a semester covering his entire four-years of tuition.

His interest in teaching comes from his experience of teaching young children the Chinese language, a role he has played from his senior year in high school to the present. His ultimate career goal is to become an Emergency Trauma Surgeon. When he’s not in the classroom, he enjoys playing bass in a local jazz band.

Straight out of college Unrau landed a teaching position at El Mo. Unrau quickly began developing solid relationships with his students, because he is a part of a younger generation, similar to his students, and understands how to make an intense subject like chemistry appeal to them. His technique is utilizing his class set of Chromebooks, allowing the students to participate in educational online games such as Quizlet Live and Kahoot. These platforms lead students to quickly learn the vocabulary and topics discussed in the classroom, but also a sense of team building as heavily stressed by the 21st century learning standards.

When asked about the overall El Mo experience during his first two months, he describes it as, “fun,” in which there is a strong El Mo community creating this exhilarating environment. So when you see him around campus looking quite professional in a button-up and tie, or more casual on Friday’s repping an El Mo football jersey, make sure to wave to the great Mr. J.

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