Football’s Momagers

Getting to know the girls who manage football and make the program possible


Photo via Presley Lozano

Baily Moore (12) and Emily Flath (9) on the sidelines

It seems as if the football program wouldn’t be able to run without certain people. For example, maybe the football players, but let’s not forget about the managers, freshman Emily Flath, and Seniors Baily Moore and Karina Zapatero.

Although many people don’t consider them apart of the team, they do a whole lot for the team. Senior, Baily Moore and freshman Flatt think they go unnoticed sometimes because a lot of what they do is “behind the scenes,” people don’t actually see what they do. For example, some of their jobs include taking out equipment, getting water at practice and Gatorade at half time, attending all events, and practices, they also attend hell week and camp in the summer. Flath, said there is a lot of stuff to cover, she couldn’t list all of them.

Even though sometimes they feel unnoticed, they both stated that they like doing what they do, and once the Moore graduates, she will probably miss going on the field, and seeing everything so up close. Moore and Flath both stated that being sports managers has helped them understand the game a lot more and understand more positions. Flath says, “you feel what they feel, (referring to a loss) it’s more intense for the players but you feel like one of them.”

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