50 Years in the Making

El Modena celebrates 50 years of homecoming

This year El Modena will host a very special homecoming… the 50th homecoming of El Modena. Homecoming is a special event to welcome back alumni and former residents, and we’ve accomplished it for 50 years; 50 years is a long time!

For the seniors it should be a very fun and also sad time for it will be the last homecoming dance they’ll get to attend. Thinking about it, this time next year, the seniors now will be considered alumni. I remember being a freshman and the theme was “Rome coming,” which was a very clever theme. Time goes by way too fast! I never imagined I’d be experiencing my last homecoming dance.

This year’s theme is candy land, which is very unique and original. They have a special skit, an entire assembly dedicated to homecoming, and the best part: the homecoming football game. The homecoming football game is extremely special because the rowdiest rooters come out and support. The homecoming queen is crowned, dancers perform, cheerleaders cheer, and the band play. It’s one of the best and most exciting games. If you should attend any game, it should be this one. I can’t wait to see what they have in store… and I also can’t wait to see our boys win at the football game against El Dorado on October 20th!


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