Attendance Awareness Month

The importance of attending school everyday.

Attendance Awareness

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Attendance Awareness

   September is the most important month of the year for schools nationwide. It is attendance awareness month.  Throughout this month, schools across the country promote the importance of attending school everyday. People help spread awareness by creating campaigns in which volunteers, funders, supporters and the community talk about the importance of attendance and the role that it plays in academic achievement.

   Data has been shown that schools and districts know how many students are missing and falling behind in their learning. What’s next? Educators and community participants should like at the numbers and determine why students are missing so much school. They either have a truancy which counts for only unexcused absences and chronic absence which counts for all excused, unexcused and suspension. We should inform the community that missing school does not only affect the student academically but also affects the school financially. For every student that misses school, the school loses a certain amount of money in which fund programs. Without the programs, it leads to students to lose interest in afterschool programs or programs that they enjoy doing like art.

   It is important that we spread the word and make sure that we come to school. September is attendance awareness month!

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