Cross Country Sophomore Superstars

Frontline interviews cross country runners Blake Hanson (10), Phillip Nguyen (10), and Gabriel Dommes (10).

Left to Right: Gabriel Dommes, Phillip Nguyen, Blake Hanson.
(Photo via Phillip Nguyen)

Left to Right: Gabriel Dommes, Phillip Nguyen, Blake Hanson. (Photo via Phillip Nguyen)

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Frontline: Why did you join cross country in the first place?

Blake Hanson: I joined because I look up to my brother and wanted to follow in his footsteps.
Phillip Nguyen: I felt like I sucked at every other sport, and I had never run before.

Gabriel Dommes: I felt that I have always been good at long distance running.


FL: What do you hate the most about your sport?

BH: Two words. Leg lifts.

PN: Coaches overwork us. They turn the sport too competitive.
GD: The coaches make us work really hard and I always come home physically exhausted and mentally dead.


FL: How did you feel about running before joining?

BH: I enjoyed shorter distances before cross country but I never particularly enjoyed long distance running.
PN: I never liked running.
GD: I strongly disliked running.


FL: Do you actually enjoy running?

BH: The feeling you get as the adrenaline pumps through your body when you make the last turn, catching the glimpse of the finish is something I have never felt before, so yes, I enjoy running.
PN: Yes, I enjoy running a lot now.
GD: I really do enjoy running now. It gives me this sense of freedom that I feel nothing else can do.


FL: Would you recommend people join cross country?

BH: Of course! The benefits are innumerable; you get in shape and become part of a tight knit team that you can find in no other sport. And a sexy bod.
PN: No, unless you will be very willing to commit and be competitive.
GD: I would recommend it to those who are mentally strong and determined. That’s all takes.

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