Serving A Successful Season

El Modena revamps girl’s tennis with a new coach and goals to dominate CIF

The 2016-2017 El Modena Tennis Teams strike a pose on the court.

The 2016-2017 El Modena Tennis Teams strike a pose on the court.

The intensity rises on the court as players whoosh their rackets, projecting tennis balls straight past their appointments. This ferocity and precision found in El Modena girl’s tennis has been created by strenuous after school practices and a new coach with strict teaching methods.

The countless hours on the court perfecting their swings and rapid reflexes will hope to lead girl’s tennis to CIF. Junior Jacky Garcia is a key member of girl’s varsity tennis, and comments about the direction of the team in which, “Varsity is aiming to go to CIF this year. Plus, we hope to go to Ojai.” This drive for success is shared by the team in addition to the new coach, where Jacky observes that he, “has good intentions for our team to strive.”

The 2016 season began this previous Tuesday the 20th, but the team has been competing during the preseason. Out of the six preseason matches and two season matches, the Vanguards have been victorious three times. Girl’s tennis will have their third match of the season against Villa Park this Tuesday the 23rd. El  Modena knows that without a doubt that girl’s tennis will continue to swing into success and hit their way to CIF.

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