Too Much Homework or Too Much Procrastination?

Cellular devices often get in the way of productivity, particularly homework

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Too Much Homework or Too Much Procrastination?

photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons License

photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons License

photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons License

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  It’s five weeks into the school year, classes are in full swing, and the homework load is piling up. Complaints about the masses of homework assigned are common amongst students, but is it really as much as it seems, or are there other outside complications affecting time spent on homework?


  Sometimes students can stay up doing homework for five hours or longer, and it seems to drone on and on for an eternity. Sometimes, this can be the case, particularly if said student has a multitude of AP or honors courses, and homework in each of their classes.


  However, other times, the masses of homework could be attributed to procrastination, or lack of time management skills in the student. Waiting until the last minute to do homework creates a heavier workload for a student. This is due to the fact that on top of the homework assignments given days before still awaiting completion, there are also the homework assignments given that day with the expectation they will be completed the very next day.


  Procrastination makes it extremely difficult to get on top of things, yet it is such a common habit amongst students to put things off until the last minute.


  This habit could be due to an absence of self-control, especially with the amount of time people tend to spend on their phones nowadays. For example, one study has found that the average person uses their phone around 85 times per day, with the composite amount of time in use being five hours.


  A possible solution to this would be to keep any sort of distraction in another room, so one could focus on homework rather than feeling obligated to check their device every few minutes. It’s such a relief to finish homework and still have time to spare before going to bed, and keeping up a practice like this may be just the right way to getting to that point.


  While in some cases, students may actually be getting such high amounts of homework that really do keep them up, it seems that some of it may be exaggerated because of poor time management skills on the student’s part.

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