The Wait is Finally Over

After disappearing for four years, Frank Ocean releases “Blond” on August 20, 2016


Photo via Wikipedia under the creative common license

Frank Ocean performing at Coachella in 2012

   Frank Ocean finally came out with the most anticipated album of 2016, “Blond.” Some were lucky enough to pick up a hard copy, which was released in a seven-pound magazine in pop-up stores around the world. Before the album, he even released a visual album “Endless,” exclusive to Apple Music. So Ocean released, a 17 length album, a magazine and a visual album – no wonder he was gone for so long.

  The 17-track full-length album is finally here. It’s crafted so perfectly, contrasting each verse at every turn. Each song is so different and pure, with rough transitions one after another. The album is deep and fragile; the amount of emotions it makes you feel is unexplainable. It’s filled with influences, thoughts, and feelings, it’s personal, it’s raw.

  Most of the album is melancholy, and touches upon nostalgia, isolation, despondent loss, and being yourself; Frank Ocean even talks about our generation and society, and the addiction to social media among the 21st century as well as how it has the power to ruin relationships. He tends to talk directly to the youth in many of the songs. For example, the opener, “Nikes,” is mainly about the materialistic society we live in. He talks about how some of us just want “Nikes” for the brand name. In the song, Ocean also makes a direct reference to Trayvon Martin, who basically started the “Black lives matter” movement.

  Not only that, but he also touches upon his homoerotic desires, fractured love, and family values. Although this is a softer album, and Frank Ocean’s stories find solace in sorrow, they offer a different perspective, they make you sad, and they make you cry. It’s the album of the year because it’s powerful.

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