Boys Cross Country 2016-2017

Frontline interviews senior boys cross country captain, Lizandro Hernanadez

Frontline: If you were allowed to give consequences, how would you punish your team and athletes?

Lizandro Hernandez: I actually can and do punish the team…! Whenever it’s super hot and we do a really hard workout after running, I will do it with them, but I do it r-e-ally slow to make sure they suffer.


FL: What are your responsibilities as the captain?

LH: My responsibilities? As the captain, I have to make sure that my team can bond well, work together efficiently, and focus on our sport.


FL: As the captain, how do you prepare yourself, along with the team, to perform on your race day/s?

LH: On our race days, I just try to forget it’s a race day and go out there to have fun and relax with my team.

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