9/11 Remembrance

How 9/11 has affected music and will be remembered.


Photo via Glyn Lowe Photoworks under the Creative Commons License

World Trade Center 9-11 Tribute of Light 2012

  Artists, especially musicians, often take the feelings and events that surround them and respond in a way that makes people listen and feel. They make art out of points in life that affect us.

  15 years ago Sunday, the U.S experienced the terror attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

  9/11 affected the world of music in so many ways. It brought about a period of music censorship in which certain songs and bands were banned from playing because they had words or phrases that were deemed “potentially inappropriate.” Shortly after and since then, bands responded to the tragedy with songs that reflected their grief and resounded with their fans. They organized tribute concerts for relief funds, protested music censorship, and brought about new political vigor, in the world and music. Some of the more known songs include “American Idiot” by Green Day, “911” by Gorillaz feat. D12 & Terry Hall, and “Politik” by Coldplay. But many other bands and musicians have written songs, and even full albums, based on the 9/11 terror attacks including U2, Toby Keith, Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M, My Chemical Romance, Eminem, etc.
  Music is influenced by the events that occur every day. It is influenced by politics, love, sadness, and tragedy. Musicians take those events and the emotions that go along with them, and turn them into poetry. It’s been 15 years since the Twin Towers fell, but when you listen to a song that was written for the calamity, you are taken back to 2001 and the subsequent years of acute grief and anger that followed.

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