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Top 5 Stories this week

The week can get very busy, leaving little time to catch up on current events. Here’s some of biggest headlines this week.

  Mother Teresa was declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church early Sunday morning in Vatican City. This is nineteen years after her passing.

 The FBI has released a full report on the investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandals. According to reports, an actual laptop full of the former Secretary of State’s emails was lost in the mail.

  Tensions rise in China when president Barack Obama arrives via airplane. Apparently, there was a disagreement upon who would bring the stairs to the president’s plane. This forced Obama to exit the plane in a fairly normal fashion: through the built in stairs.

  Tropical storm Hermine foils many Labor Day weekend plans on the east coast. The tropical storm was on the coast of Florida on Friday. As of Sunday night, it’s along the coast of New Jersey and Delaware, and has the potential of gaining hurricane strength.

  Congress struggles to deal with laundry list of problems. Just returning from a seven week recess on Monday, many are wondering how lawmakers will fund government programs and deal with issues such as the Zika virus in less than a month.


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