What is Labor Day?

History and significance of Labor Day.

What is Labor Day?

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What is Labor Day?

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To many Labor Day means two things: a day off of work and the end of summer. But what does Labor Day actually mean? Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement that is dedicated to the achievements of American worker.

It all started back in the 19th century when the labor movement and the trade union grew rapidly. A variety of days were chosen by unionist to celebrate the labor and effort that they contributed in their work. This holiday was first proposed in the 1880s. From a movement developed to secure state legislation, the first state bill was introduced in New York but it was first passed by Oregon. Throughout the years, more states joined in to support this bill and created the Labor Day holiday.

Many traditions have been made to celebrate this holiday. From barbecues to street parade, each individual have their own way to remember these American workers. For examples, many workers have the day off on this day so it is the last chance for road trips before the end of summer. For some students, it is the last few days before school start but for some it is a small break. In some cases, people will coordinate barbecues, firework shows, and sport events like football season starting.

In all, Labor Day has become an important part of our country because of the significance that it brings. Have a safe Labor Day!

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