Why Our School Lunches Suck

Do students enjoy school lunches?


At El Mo there is an undeniable truth and that is that our school lunches suck. Whether its the stale frozen pizzas to the “vegetarian” breakfast burritos, there are very few who can stomach these free lunches. Not all schools have this problem but unfortunately our school does. You would think that after the numerous complaints by students the administration would have done something by now to fix the problem. Over the years  on numerous occasions I have witnessed first hand students throw away their lunch after taking a couple bites.

Another question that is unanswered is how healthy are the lunches. Over the past few years the government has emphasized that the younger generation must eat healthier. But do the preservative filled lunches really do good or are they just as bad? Studies have shown that when students do eat the school lunches the items they leave untouched are the vegetables and occasionally the fruit. Although studies show that the governments attempt at getting students to eat healthier is failing, nothing has been changed or improved to change the habits of our future. The alternatives to a healthier american future require time and smart spending to fix the issue of bad school lunches.

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