No Rest for the Fabulous

The Vanguard Dance Company revamps their style from pop princesses to hip hop classics.


Marina Farnsworth

The Vanguard Dance Company grooves to "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake at the Hello Assembly (8/26/16).

What right do classically trained dancers have to reinvent their style to fit hard-hitting hip hop? The Vanguard Dance Company challenges this paradigm by producing choreography that includes moves from the roots of hip hop. Creating a better understanding and respect for one of the world’s most widespread dance styles.

The transition to classic hip hop has led the VDC to learn styles such as waacking, krumping, house, and grooves. One of VDC’s choreographers, Kristin Santiago, put these styles into her choreography for the Hello Assembly, where the beat dropped and the dancers performed b-boy footwork simultaneously with upper-body grooves. The inspiration for pursuing these hip hop variations came from the all male dance crew, newly renamed Vision Krew, and their ability to use isolations to create robotic like movements and transition into breakdancing in the same performance.

The innovation and inspirations continue as the VDC welcomed two new team captains, juniors Alyssa Farnsworth and Stela Martinez. There was an oddity in placing juniors as the team captains opposed to seniors, but Martinez comments that the nerves, “at first of being obviously younger”, and gradually, “feeling comfortable”, has taught VDC dancers to succeed in these hip hop styles, in addition to other dance genres. The captains hope to show the renovation of the VDC with their original choreography to be showcased on September 30th at the Fall Sports Assembly.

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