Elmo Has Spirit

El Modena students show their spirit to support the football team.

Elmo has Spirit

Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Elmo has Spirit

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This past Thursday, September first, El Modena High School hosted a pep rally in the school gym to get the spirit of the football season started. The event took place during lunch and was attended by more than half of the students on campus. Each grade level had there own seating area: freshman and sophomores on one side and juniors and seniors on the other. Signs were posted all over campus to promote the pep rally along with the game that followed that same night.

The pep rally started with a greeting to all the different classes…to the freshman, to the sophomores, to the juniors, and finally to the seniors. The first but last pep rally for the seniors. But, it was a crazy event that led students to get pumped up for the game. It started off with the cheerleaders leading us to a vanguard chant to the football team waving the vanguard flag. So then it lead on to the fun games that each class played against one another. With two people from each of class trying to pop each other’s balloon, the crowd shouted for joy and hope for their class to win.
With the screaming and cheering, the pep rally turned out to be outstanding. ASB dressed in cardinal and gold, football team dressed in uniform and the rest of the students supporting the El Modena football in our high school colors. El Modena students definitely made the first pep rally of the year one to remember. Let the football season begin!




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