New Year, New Mindset

Photo via America.Pink under creative commons license

As each of us move up a grade this year, we must all adopt new mindsets to accommodate a big change. Your classes may grow harder or easier, depending on how you decided to set up your schedule; but no matter what, there is a huge change there. This year our mindsets are not the only thing that have changed! Many teachers have been moved around to different rooms, some of the bathrooms have been remodeled, and we now have two brand new news kiosks. It was quite a surprise walking into the bathroom and wondering where the heck I was with all the sleek new walls and toilets. The news kiosks are a great change, bringing El Modena into a more modern age and providing info with style. The teachers being moved has certainly been confusing for me. I have already wandered to a teacher’s old classroom and wondered why everything was so different, and why a stranger is teaching the class! Another surprising new change is to the library. It has grown smaller due to a wall that was put in, so if you’re wondering what was different in there: there you go.
Incoming freshmen have a lot to look forward to this year with all these snazzy new changes. They are certainly experiencing a great leap from middle school. An enormous mindset change for them, high school is very, very different. But not in a bad way! With high school they are given more freedom and opportunities to be themselves and find lifelong friends.  So chin up, all you fresh faces! This new year will be great for all of us, so keep forging onward, Vanguards!

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