A Year of Firsts

Preparing for the last year of high school and beyond.


Photo via Wikipedia under Creative Commons License

For many students at El Modena this year, it is the last. It is the last year to have a built-in social life. It is the last year of dances and assemblies and eating lunch with your friends. It is the last year of complaining about high school and the last to get excited about high school. This is a year of lasts for those in the class of 2017.

  Senior year, to be blunt, is scary. People expect you to have your whole life planned out before it even really starts. They expect you to have a list of colleges to apply to, applications already started, and a major picked out. But some of us just don’t know. Some are faced with family and money issues. Some of us have been looking at colleges since before high school, and some of us are just realizing that we’re running out of time. But not only are we running out of time to figure out where exactly we’re going after high school, we’re also looking at our friends sitting around us as though it’s the first time. We’re looking at the people that surround us and realizing that we aren’t going to see or stay in touch with half of them after this year. What will happen after we get our diplomas, take our pictures, and walk away from four years of memories is unknown. We may hold on to some friendships for a lifetime, some may fade away as we move forward, and some we may just see every ten years at the reunions. So, look at the people around you. Memorize their features. Enjoy every experience you can. High school may not be the “best years of our lives” like we have been told over and over by our elders, but it is a time you will never get the chance to experience again. Whether you were excited about high school or have had senioritis since freshman year, it is truly bittersweet.

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