We’re all in this TOGETHEEER

So. High school. That wonderland you’ve speculated about since Elementary and how absolutely awesome it’s going to be when you finally get there. Because it’s totally gonna be like High School Musical, right? Your gonna stand up to that popular girl, win that hot guy’s heart and have an epic sing along on graduation day, before promptly riding away on a white horse into the sunset. . . What, ya’ll thought that too, right? I can’t be the only one. Come on, be honest.
Well, I was brutally and mercilessly let down. Actually, more like shoved down and trampled by the never-ending freeway traffic of humanity that migrated through the hall every day. As sad as it may be, the high school experience is not like it’s portrayed in High School Musical. The first two years are rough–really rough. It’s an entirely new environment and an entirely new society with it’s own established rules of etiquette and hierarchies to respect. As observed, the seniors and juniors where in the top of the food chain, and thus had the “right” to bully the freshmen and sophomores, or “scrubs” as they came to be known in my own freshmen year. The lunch tables were marked territory of the upperclassmen and thus could never be approached without a formal invitation for fear of being eaten alive. Shakespearean style of courting is a myth in this establishment, as one can quickly observe from a peek inside any nook and cranny where one can find the native species performing their strange and unique mating rituals. Friends–despite the larger population–are not as easily attainable, as the limited time available for socializing is controlled by a bell, six classes, homework, and after-school activities. Then there are the teachers. Ah, teachers. . . Six of them. All too happy to sadistically pummel you with homework. Who needs sleep anyway, am I right? No but seriously, it’s not all bad. There’s the. . .Well, no, that sucks too.
In all seriousness though, high school can also be a terrific place to be. There’s bound to be one subject that peaks your interest, that group of people that are kinda cool to hang around, that one teacher you don’t hate. After a while, there comes to be a sort of appreciation for the whole experience; watching how the students around you act, getting absorbed by an interesting topic in a good class, having fun with your friends. It can all be really fun, if you let it be. After all, there are more days than years, and I found it to be easier to live day by day. Just focus on having fun today, and keep doing that. Especially when it comes to senior year, it all becomes so much more precious. The knowledge that this is your last year, that you’re moving on. Even that one teacher you loath with all your soul becomes so lovable because you know that you won’t have to put up with her anymore. There’s just these four short years to fill the gap where High School Musical is and that’s it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, even if it all sucks, there is beauty to be found. The girl’s bathroom, for example, newly made beauty right there. So to end this in the most corny way possible: You only get one life, so make the best of it.

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