Let The School Year Begin

Getting back to the reality of being a high school student.

Back To School

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Back To School

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Each student at El Modena have survived the chaos that the first week of school brings. From schedule changes to countless syllabuses, August 24th was no different than any other first day. For some, it has been easy to ease of their summer schedules, but for others, it has been an alarming change. Getting back into a tight schedule can be hard to some in the beginning, but once they get the flow of it, it will somehow get easier. Each student has a different routine of their own that they follow to keep their lives going. Once again school has taking control of our lives. But this is this reality? Does reality rush students to get to class, or run to your locker to get that book that is needed? Yes, it is. This is the reality of students for the next nine months that we are in school. From getting used to the long lines in the restrooms to running to class not be late. We have returned to a structure life that involves school, sports, and much more activities that each student is involved in. But the best part of the school year are the memories that we make from the first day to the last.

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