One Season Wonder

Why NBC was wrong in cancelling hit TV show Freaks and Geeks

One Season Wonder

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  Freaks and Geeks was released on September 25, 1999 and immediately created a cult following within the teenage community. The show follows Lindsay Weir and brother Sam as they navigate life through the halls of William McKinley High School.

  Lindsay and Sam are average kids from a boring suburban family who try to change their image, Lindsay more so than Sam. Lindsay struggles to break free from her good girl “mathlete” image so in a means to do so, she starts to hangout with the “slackers” of William McKinley High: Daniel Desario, Ken Miller, Nick Andopolis, and Kim Kelly, otherwise known as the “freaks”. Sam Weir spends his time with best friends Neal Schweiber and Bill Haverchuck, known as the “geeks”, playing video games, trying to avoid gym class, and fawning over the popular cheerleader, Cindy Sanders.

  With a killer playlist, memorable and relatable characters, and hilarious situations, Freaks and Geeks was a show that was cancelled too soon. Before the first season finished airing on television, NBC pulled the plug on the teen drama due to low ratings. The company claimed the show was not getting enough views to continue airing so they stopped its air time after only the twelfth episode. Due to the shows massive cult following, fans took to the internet and begged and pleaded NBC to air the remaining six episodes. After massive amounts of people asking for the remaining episodes, NBC reluctantly agreed and aired the last six episodes ending finally on July 8, 2000.

  Freaks and Geeks was an iconic show leaving hearts broken in the year 2000. Their stories gave us laughter, their troubles gave us something to relate to, and now they will live on with us forever. The show is still extremely popular within America’s youth as it has been living in the Netflix universe and is watched by millions. Freaks and Geeks was a one season wonder that left everyone of its viewers wanting more.

We are all Lindsay Weir, trying to break free of the image we became attached to.

We are all Daniel Desario, trying to live a stress free life filled with no societal pressure.

We are all Kim Kelly, trying too hard to live up to the expectations of those around us.

We are all Sam Weir, trying to ignore what others think and accept that we are different.


   We are all freaks and geeks at heart.


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