Finding Yourself in the Forest

The therapy that comes from childhood memories


Taken with Android

Nature creates a soothing presence

It is almost the end of the school year. You are anticipating what is to come, but also frightened of the unknown. Your mind is clouded with endless anxieties, doubts, and dreams. You are old enough to feel truly mature at times, but you hate the idea of growing up. Your heart either races or sinks when you go to school, and you just want to feel a moment of relaxation before the storm ensues.

You return to a well-known place from your childhood, a cabin in the woods. You inhale that familiar, homey scent that defines those pleasant memories of your past. You lay in the bed that once cradled you so warmly when the nights grew cold. You return to the thrones made of logs of wood and twigs, the haunted periwinkle cabin, the endearing elevator music playing at dinner, the homemade popcorn, the layer of pink fog that cascades the mountains in the evening.

You realize that returning to a childhood place makes it easier to grow up. You realize how much you have learned, how much you have changed. You discover that although the adult world has its hardships and troubles, there will be times when the world cradles and comforts you, just like a mother’s lullaby. And when you are an adult, it will feel even more special.

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