Dancing With the Future Stars

An interview with Junior Taylor Thi about Friday and Saturday’s dance showcase


photo via Flickr under the Creative Commons License

  This past Friday and Saturday, May 20-21, 2016, The Vanguard Dance Company and the Underground Elements performed in El Modena’s dance showcase. The event serves as a way to highlight the dancers and everything they have perfected over the course of the year. Junior Taylor Thi divulged the details of the eventful and fun filled weekend.


Frontline: What is the Dance showcase?
Taylor Thi: The dance showcase is a performance put on by the Vanguard Dance Company and Underground Elements to display all of the dances we’ve been working on for the year.

FL: What types of pieces are performed?
TT: The showcase has pieces from our competition and assembly dances as well as small group dances that we choreographed ourselves. There was also two dances from Mrs. Bauer’s regular dance class. Our showcase had a variety of different styles including jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, robotic, and etc.

FL: What is the purpose for the Showcase?
TT: The purpose is to show our peers all the dances that we’ve performed and worked on throughout the year.

FL: In a brief summary, how did the showcase go?
TT: The showcase went really well and everything ran smoothly. Our audience was very supportive and brought an uplifting and positive atmosphere to the performance. Everyone performed to their best ability and worked really hard to give the audience a great show. We all helped one another backstage and had fun cheering on our teammates.

FL: Personally, what pieces did you perform and how was your experience at the showcase?

TT: I was in Bang Bang, Wannabe Ice Ice Babies, and 0 to 100. The showcase was a lot of fun and I had great time. It was the best that I’ve personally done while performing those dances. Friday night’s showcase was bittersweet because I was glad that everything went as planned and that we put on a good show but it was also my last ever showcase.


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