The Most Magical Promposal Ever?

Happiest place on earth


Prom was in three days, and my boyfriend still hadn’t asked me to Prom. We were going to Disneyland that day (my favorite place), so naturally I had an idea he was going to ask me today. After his mom signed him in, we saw Mickey Mouse in his wizardry robe posing for photos. My boyfriend had us jump in the line to take a photo, and his mom ran into a store on Main Street and quickly came out and handed him a bag. I became a little suspicious that he was going to ask me in front of Mickey Mouse with a disney toy. I started to think my fate was sealed and I was going to be asked in front of Mickey and 30 toddlers waiting in line, but then my boyfriend suggested we leave and I left it up to him, but I said it like all the other girls who make it a point to let their boy knows what’s good. He asked if I wanted to go on Splash Mountain, and I wasn’t down to get soaked on the first ride, but he was pretty adamant about going on it for some reason so I was cool with it. When we got to the front of the line he made me go in front of him even though I tried to resist sitting in front of him, He is supposed to be my shield after all, right? He also asked for our own log to ride in. At the time, I didn’t think anything of this. The ride was nothing out of the ordinary. He was screaming like a little girl at every little drop so there was nothing new. Going up the belt that brought us to the top of the drop, he tried to convince me to “dab” to the left. I wasn’t going to embarrass myself for the 20 seconds the photo stays up on the board (now I am very thankful for my decision). We went down the drop screaming and finished the ride singing “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” along with the birds. When we got off, I was wondering how the photo turned out. I thought my silly boyfriend embarrassingly white-boy dabbed. The picture popped up, and in the photo my boyfriend was holding a sign that said “Chandler, will you go to prom with me???”. The “o’s” were Mickey Mouse’s silhouette. It was so sweet. Filled with surprise and awe, I turned to my boyfriend to say yes, and there he was holding a Minnie Mouse doll and Mickey Mouse shaped lollipops. I could not believe it. He bought me the photo so I could never forget the way he asked me. I don’t think I could forget it even If I tried.

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